Leica ContentMapper - Unmatched efficiency for large scale content collection

The Leica ContentMapper is an innovative and highly efficient airborne imaging sensor for large-scale geospatial mapping projects. With 40,000 pixels across swath, this latest generation camera provides maximum performance when capturing high-resolution imagery and double the image

Leica TerrainMapper-2 flexible linear-mode LiDAR sensor Modular and scalable airborne mapping solutions for complex LiDAR projects

The Leica TerrainMapper-2 is the latest linear-mode LiDAR airborne sensor providing the highest performance for regional mapping projects. Thanks to gateless MPiA, the sensor system delivers outstanding accuracy, unmatched point density and even point distribution even in mountainous terrain. The system is designed to offer the maximum flexibility for all applications from narrow-swath corridors to high altitude applications over complex and changing environments for the delivery of highest fidelity data. The TerrainMapper-2 includes a 2 MHz LiDAR sensor combined with two nadir 150 MP cameras in RGB and NIR. With the integration of the most innovative optical system on the market this new LiDAR sensor delivers high quality images with every flight. Even during long collection days and low sun angles, the integrated camera will keep up with the LiDAR.

Leica CityMapper-2 High-Performance Urban Mapping Sensor For fast and efficient digitisation of cities, this hybrid oblique imaging and LiDAR solution provides the highest productivity and unmatched data accuracy

The CityMapper-2 is the best equipped airborne solution in the market for highly-productive creation of 3D digital twins of cities. The sensor transforms how we digitise the world we live in and allows you to create the most detailed geospatial base layer including orthophotos, point clouds, 3D building models and meshes, all from one single flight.

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